About Herman

This blog, Bible Differences, the Facts helps you to understand the differences between KJV and NIV and grow spiritually

Here you have access to the facts, enabling you to make an informed decision.

When you have tranquility concerning the Word of God, you can seek Him unhindered.

Here’s the solution:

You have to face the facts with an unclogged mind to understand the causes for the differences.

If you know what caused a variation, you can evaluate it.  (No one likes to be delivered to the propaganda of the one camp or the other! Do you?)

Where can we find insight and honest answers to our questions about the Bible?

I’ll give you all the facts of the manuscripts through the ages to empower you.

Sound interesting?

What Other People Say About Bible Differences, the Facts.

“I have real appreciation for the endeavor of the writer to empower church members to evaluate textual variations in different versions of the Bible in English.” Prof. Bernard Combrink, Emeritus Professor in New Testament at the Faculty of Theology,University of Stellenbosch, and currently project leader of the Afrikaans Bible translation project of the Bible Society of South Africa.

About Herman Grobler

Bible Differences, the Facts was founded by Herman Grobler in 2011. Herman is a retired pastor of the Dutch Reformed Church, the largest conservative Church of the Afrikaans community in South Africa . He is a graduate of the University of Pretoria. As student he already had a keen interest in the reasons behind the differences between various translations of the Bible.

He was pastor of two congregations and at present is involved with an interdenominational support ministry for families struggling with drug- and other dependencies, including the occult. He realized the need people have to be sure of every word God had given us in the Bible.

You’ll find that his approach to the differences is extremely open-minded. He opens up some of the most important and alarming differences to everybody not having access to the manuscript facts or the Greek text of the New Testament.

More specifically, he gives all the variations within their timeframe of creation. He provides the variations in English. Where possible, he also opens the mind of the reader to the effect or theological implications that alterations, additions or omissions to the Scriptures might have.

Herman invites his readers to pose questions concerning variations that they might want to know more about. He promises to provide the bare facts without pressure to the one or the other side.

If you want to have access to the facts concerning the Word of God and receive answers to your and other’s questions, all you have to do is keep an eye on this blog.

It is all about the Glory of God!



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