7. Types of translations: 5. Specific Groups.

5. Translations for specific groups.

Some groups, denominations or communities create translations with their own choice of words, sometimes manipulating the text or even omitting or including words or phrases to serve their own needs or doctrines. The Jehovah’s Witnesses as well as the Mormons use their own adapted Bibles.

Recently I heard that a Bible is being prepared to accommodate the needs of the homosexual community.

Translations made by the different Bible Societies are to a great extent free of manipulation of the text. Most of the larger denominations are represented or have a say in the final product. The Bible Societies make use of specialists of the original languages, specialists with an elaborate knowledge of the cultural, historic and geographic background of the Biblical times. Furthermore they always work as a group together, struggling jointly with the texts to find the best possible translation. This ensures that their translations are to a great extent free of individualistic interpretations or preferences. They strive to be as objective and linguistic correct as possible.


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I am a retired preacher of the Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa. Since my studies at the University of Pretoria I had a keen interest in the reasons for the differences between the translations of the Bible, especially the New Testament. Since 1973 I am married to my dear wife and greatest friend, Leah Page. We are blessed with two daughters and two sons, two grand sons and one grand daughter. God is alive and omnipotent! Glory to His Name! Herman
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